Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC “BluePoints” Motivates Members to Stay Healthy & Get Money Back

Let’s face it. Health insurance quotes can be expensive these days, no doubt about it. Even if you have health insurance through an employer, you may have noticed your benefits changing. I just found a review of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina from a lady named Katrina on the Viewpoints website. I’d like to share some of what she has to say about Ease of Use:

”… have found Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC to be easier to use than some insurance companies. Most hospitals and clinics [in North Carolina] accept BCBSNC. I remember when a large hospital in our area decided to stop accepting BCBSNC–it was a disaster for the hospital and now that hospital not only accepts BCBSNC, but they also offer it to the employees of the hospital and to their Medical School employees.

They do have an informative and easy-to-navigate website. I’ve looked up numerous physicians on their website to see if they accept BCBS, and the website gives lots of helpful information related to those physicians, such as contact information, address, and even if the physician is male/female or speaks other languages. They also provide information about drugs and health problems on the website as well.

I like the fact that BCBSNC does not require a [doctor’s] referral in order to see a specialist. I’ve had another health insurance that required a referral every year. It did not matter if you had seen that specialist for eight years. You had to get a referral each year in order to have any visits to that doctor covered. That was a pain, and I’m glad that BCBSNC does not require referrals. However, some specialists require a referral from the primary doctor before they will make an appointment…”

Nice. Call me, Judi Goloff, about your health insurance plan today. I would be happy to provide you referrals of members I’ve helped, with their health insurance assessment, health insurance quotes in North Carolina, and general questions about the new Affordable Health Care law; if you have questions, I am available to help you. I don’t sell insurance, you see. My interest is in helping you ask the right questions, and to select the right health insurance plan and coverage for you and your family. Chances are BCBSNC has a perfect fit, but if not, I won’t hesitate to tell you so.

Here’s another program I love about having health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Have you heard of Blue Points? The way I figure it, if you’ve got to pay for your health insurance plan, why not get all you can out of it, right? Blue Points is a great incentive program on a couple of levels.

On one level, you can get money back by choosing healthy options in your life. You can earn BluePoints many ways. For example, last year over the holidays, BCBSNC had a health insurance coupon to earn 250 Blue Points. Those points are immediately redeemable for gift cards and merchandise from places like Lowe’s, Macy’s and Amazon. How cool is that?

Second, and most important, it’s a great incentive to help you eat healthy, get exercise, and make sure to get health assessments as needed. After all, the point of the program is to reward you for wellness!

There’s a reason why the Blue Cross Blue Shield System is the nation’s oldest and largest family of health insurance companies. Call me, Judi Goloff, today to find out how I can get you quality, affordable customized coverage for you. It would be my pleasure to help you through the health insurance maze.

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