I’m A Breast Cancer Survivor

I’m about more than North Carolina health insurance, I’m a firm believer in living a healthy whole life and I’ve practiced that with my own for a long time. But life can throw you a curve ball.

I was going along thinking that I was doing everything right then wham I’m diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m proud to say that I am a two year survivor but my point is that no matter how well you think you are taking care of yourself “shit happens” and that is the truth. If I did not have my health coverage the medical bills could have cost me my home and my way of life.

 I believe life is a gift and you should choose to live healthy. If you go to my blog you will find articles about cooking healthy, essential oils for health, quitting smoking with many more to follow. But, I also believe in “prepare for the worst” and things happen in life that are out of your control like a car accident for example so you have to have a good health insurance plan.

 Please go to my site, see what I offer and feel free to contact me.

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