Why a Personal BCBSNC Agent is Better Than a Navigator

In the wake of the recent health reforms, the Affordable HealthCare Act provisions and the plans one may opt for under the act have left many people in some confusion. For example, if North Carolina residents look to find an affordable and useful healthcare plan from the website of Blue Cross Blue Shield NC at http://www.bcbsnc.com/, this can be quite a challenging task. This is where a health insurance agent can help you out. An agent will help his client navigate through the maze of plans that are in offer and can help him enroll outside the government exchanges.

One may ask, won’t a navigator do the same? Not quite. The government had announced back in August this year that the original federal funding of $54 million on ‘navigators’ training and management had been increased to $67 million. The navigators are expected to assist people enroll in healthcare plans through government exchanges. However, at the same time that the government was agreeing to such a large expenditure on navigators, they had also handed off authorization to at least six insurance brokers for enrolling people in health insurance plans under Affordable HealthCare Act.

What is the bottom line of this? Well, this amounts to federal government admitting to the fact that the navigators could not provide people sufficient help in enrolling for the right plans. The reason for this is that the navigators are not allowed by law to proffer advice to consumers on which health insurance to choose. This law was primarily in place to ensure transparency in health care. The navigators are prohibited from making direct recommendations to people. To work as a navigator, one cannot have any ties with health insurance companies, and they also need to undergo an online training session which instructs them on how to avoid bias and stay neutral. So, all that navigators are allowed to do is to tell people what plan can be ideal for them, and that is that. They are not authorized to give explanations!

However, precisely this is where an insurance agent can be of help to people looking for the proper health plan to subscribe to. With confusion reigning regarding ACA, what people are looking for are recommendations and personalized advice. They need to know how they are going to benefit by subscribing to a particular plan. When it comes to Blue Cross Blue Shield NC, many may similarly find it somewhat difficult to navigate the website on their own and fish out the most useful information for themselves. Options are aplenty and with all the many different products available such as Blue Options HAS, Blue Advantage, Blue Medicare, Blue Options SM, an individual consumer may often feel at a loss about what plan to choose.

This is where a reputable North Carolina insurance agent can come to your aid. He will listen to your healthcare needs and would be able to recommend the right plan for you. You can also enroll to a plan through BCBSNC with the help of an agent. If you want to sign up under ACA using an insurance agent it will not cost you anything outside the plan. It is also important to understand that the agents do not sell health insurance. They will help you find the right plan, would give you useful advice and help you find the answers to your questions so that you can make a studied and informed choice regarding your health insurance coverage.